"De modo que fico por ali, de mãos nos bolsos, hesitante em partir, relutante em ficar, com a suspeita de que não seria má ideia dar um nó na vida para não me esquecer dela." - António Lobo Antunes

"life is simple, life is hard, and yeah life is fun. "

Anna Karina and Michel Subor on the set of “Le Petit Soldat” (1960)

“Your fear of capture and imprisonment is from millions of years ago. You are not there. You are asleep.”
The Master (2012) dir. Paul Thomas Anderson

During the jail cell scene in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master where Joaquin Phoenix’s Freddie Quell unleashes a fit of rage, Phoenix actually breaks a real toilet. His actions were entirely improvised. Due to the historical past of the building where the scene took place, the toilet was also considered “historical”. Phoenix had no intentions to break the toilet, nor did he think it was possible (x).

In The Master, In order to achieve the effect of clenching his mouth and talking out of one side, Joaquin Phoenix had his dentist attach metal plates to his teeth with rubber bands to hold them shut. The rubber bands weren’t strong enough to hold his mouth shut, so he removed them. But the metal plates, complete with screws that slightly cut up the inside of his cheek, were enough of a constant reminder that it allowed him to play that aspect of the character (x).